Shave Lounge is taking a hiatus.

For the last 12 years we've been committed to bringing you the very best shaving products from around the world. We've worked tirelessly, adapted to the ever changing market, and hand-packed thousands and thousands of orders. Not bad for two brothers who started with no prior experience of selling online, little funds, and to be fair, average beard growth.

But with young kids, wives, families and a decade of Netflix seasons to catch up on, it's time to take a break. So we're closing shop and taking some time to re-charge, re-calibrate and think about where to go next.

So thank you, sincerely, to everyone that has purchased from us over the years, and we hope to be able to serve you again in the future.

Until next time, keep calm and keep on shaving.

Anthony & Nick Rigby

Shave Lounge

p.s. If you have questions about prior orders, please email us at